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Book Review: Fantastic Flight by Barbara Bockman, Published by Guardian Angel, 2011

This is an adorable picture book by my fellow writer. Fantastic Flight is available in print and e-book versions. I purchased the e-book for my son since we’re out of the country.

Jessica isn’t too happy to stay with her grandparents for a whole week, but Grandpa has a surprise—a fantastic outing! Living by the beach has its perks, lots of sights and activities to do. A helium balloon lifts Jessica and Grandpa above Cloud 9 on a whirl of adventure. They meet many interesting characters before landing in one last fun place for kids.

Grandparents and grandchildren will love this story, with its colorful illustrations. Below are some activities your child could do with this book.

1. Research monarch migrations. Where could this monarch be heading?

2. Write a story about a fantastic outing with their own grandparent.

3. Rewrite a different ending. Before landing, what other creature could Jessica and Grandpa encounter?

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