Miss Lina's BallerinasBook Review:  Miss Lina’s Ballerinas, By Grace Maccarone
Published by Feiwel and Friends, 2010

Here’s a charming, rhyming ballerina book that takes place in the town of Messina. Eight girls whose names all end with -ina dance perfectly together in 4 lines of 2. However, havoc takes place when a new girl named Regina registers. How can they have organized dance with nine girls?

This story reminds me of the “Madeline” books. Very simple, soft illustrations enhance the ballet theme. I like that ballet terms are used within the book with a glossary in the back. Every ballerina will like reading this.

1. Explore the French ballet terms. Find an accompanying illustration or look each word up on You Tube for a demonstration.
2. Make a list of all the rhymes for -ina.
3. Demonstrate multiplication. In the book the ballerinas first stood in 4 lines of 2. Draw this and write the multiplication facts. Illustrate the multiplication fact for the new line up. What if another student registered? How could you organize a line-up for 10 ballerinas?