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Thriving FamilyLooking for good wholesome activities for your children this summer? Here are some low-cost activities or reading to do with your kids.

1. Thriving Family, a magazine by Focus on the Family, has daily activities for kids on their summer calendars featured in this issue. I contributed four activities which are on June 28, July 2, July 10, and July 23rd. You can access these calendars online, or you could subscribe to this magazine for free, I believe.

2. Keys for Kids features online children’s devotions which can also be emailed to you daily. This is a great way for kids to do quiet time.

3. has tons of grade-level activities and crafts geared to each subject area.

4. Jelly Telly, also by Focus on the Family, has Christian videos and games for children.

5. has really neat crafts and recipes for families.

6. Murb math games at Fun4theBrain are my kids’ favorite online math games. My kindergartner can do the simple addition and subtraction, while my 3rd grade can practice multiplication and division facts.

7. Keyboarding Games–Here your child can learn correct finger positions for typing at the computer.

8. Goal Charts–This is a super online chore/goal chart or behavior chart with virtual stickers that you can use throughout the year or summer.

9. Family Fun summer games and crafts for kids–You can subscribe to this magazine or access it online.

10. Clubhouse Jr. is a Christian magazine for children, which they’d love to get in the mail! Some of my writer friends and I write for this magazine.
Focus on the Family Clubhouse Jr.® magazine


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