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Product DetailsBook Review:  Owl Babies by Martin Waddell
Published by Walker Books 1992

A friend told me about this cute book, and I found a copy at a Korean library! Go figure! It’s not a brand new book, but it’s a fun book to read aloud.

Three baby owls are left alone in a tree by their mother. Sarah, the oldest of the three, is quite positive Mom will be back and bring food. Percy, the middle owl, kind of overreacts but usually agrees with big sister Sarah. However, baby Bill’s only line is “I want my mommy!” In the end Owl Mother does return, and her little ones are very relieved.

This is a very cute story to address a  common concern among children–mommy is gone. The illustrations are dark since owls are nocturnal, and kids might not be attracted to the cover. However, once my five-year-old heard the story, he really enjoyed it. Ask your child who their favorite character was. He could even draw a picture of the book. If you have a class, a reading group could act this out. You could even think of a new situation for the owls. How would Sarah, Percy, and Bill react?

February is Dental Health Month!

My kids and I read many loose tooth books. My five-year-old son is anxious to get a wiggly tooth. My eight-year-old daughter has two loose teeth, plus the dentist extracted a tooth today. She and I worked on this tooth fairy pillow this past week. I saw the idea in Mailbox, a teacher’s magazine, but it was for a paper tooth holder. So I adapted the idea onto fabric, and my daughter made a pillow. The front heart is a pocket for the tooth. If you have an older child, you can make this, too! It teaches beginning sewing skills, something I’m terrible at. I’m trying to coax my daughter into making one for her brother for his anticipated loose tooth!
1. Trace a tooth shape on the back of fabric. You need two. Double the fabric and cut.
2. Use straight pins to hold the fabric together.
3. Show your child how to thread the needle and make small stitches.
4. Leave the top open for the stuffing.
5. After you’ve stitched around the tooth, insert pillow stuffing. Then stitch it closed.
6. Using a different fabric, draw a small heart and cut it out. Stitch it onto the front of the tooth. Leave the top of the heart open to insert a tooth.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here’s a cute bee that my daughter designed.

glue stick
yellow and black construction paper
red marker, black marker

1. Cut out an oval for the body from yellow paper.
2. Draw an eye and mouth with the black marker.
3. Cut out a yellow heart for the wings and glue it onto the back so that only  the top of the heart is showing.
4. Cut out a tiny black triangle for the stinger and three skinny rectangles for the stripes.
5. Glue on the stripes and stinger.
6. Cut two skinny rectangles for the antennae. Curl them around the pencil. Glue them onto the head.
7. Decorate the bee with red hearts and write a valentine’s message such as “Bee My Valentine” or “Bee Mine!”
8. If you want the bee card to open, make two yellow bodies and staple or glue one side together. Write a message on the inside.

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