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Another rainy day this past week…What can you do with a preschooler on a rainy day? I got out the paint! You can turn painting  into a learning activity. Here’s what my son and I did.

big paper
fingerpaint, washable paint
paint shirt
paper plate

1. Put a paint shirt on your child.
2. Squirt paint on the paper plate, such as red and yellow. (Use two colors that when mixed together form a new color)
3. Ask your child the following questions. “Can you paint a yellow circle?” If he forgot, draw a circle on paper to refresh his memory. “Can you paint a red square? How about an orange triangle?” At this question, your child will be confused. There’s no orange paint or whatever colors you’re using. “How can you make orange?”
4. Mix red and yellow together.
5. Now you can make an orange triangle.
6. Continue with more shapes and experiment with other colors.

Product DetailsBook Review: 
Fancy Nancy:  The Dazzling Book Report
(An I Can Read Book 1)
 by Jane O’Connor, Published by Harper Collins, 2009.

Bonjour! If you have a girly-girl in your house, I’m sure you’ve heard of Fancy Nancy. Author Jane O’Connor has written picture books and now beginning readers about this one-of-a-kind character. Each book has fancy vocabulary words that sparkle, which girls will like learning. In this particular story, Fancy Nancy has a book report to write, or rather the fancy word “biography.” She chooses the princess, Sacajawea. However, Fancy Nancy spends too much time being creative and cute with her cover and art work and only writes a couple sentences. Her wonderful teacher allows Fancy Nancy to tell the class about her book to save her from embarrassment.

My daughter loves these Fancy Nancy books. And even though these beginning readers say level 1, they present a great challenge since they use fancy vocabulary. Warning:  The princess in your house might start acting and talking more sophisticated after reading these books.

Titles of other Fancy Nancy books:
Fancy Nancy (picture book)
Fancy Nancy Splendiferous Christmas (picture book)
Fancy Nancy:  Tea Parties (picture book)
Fancy Nancy & the Posh Puppy (picture book)
Fancy Nancy:  Bonjour Butterfly (picture book)
Fancy Nancy:  Poison Ivy Expert (An I Can Read Book)

Happy Valentine’s Day in advance! This week you might be preparing for this busy day, especially if you have children. My kids are excited and have been making cards. My son can’t wait to make cupcakes. My daughter has her cards bought for her class.

I’ve always wanted a heart wreath for my door, and so I thought why not have my kids make me one! They had a blast doing it. Here’s what we did.

paper plate
foam sheets–(We used pink and yellow)
craft items such as sequins, glitter glue
glue gun
ribbon or yarn

1. Using the pencil, draw 8-9 hearts or trace a cookie cutter heart. I traced five pink and four yellow.

2. Have your child cut them out.

3. Decorate the hearts using markers, sequins, glitter glue…

4. After they dry, arrange them on the paper plate like a wreath. You can put one heart in the middle, or you can cut the middle out. Using the glue gun, glue them into place.

5. Tape or hot glue a ribbon or string onto the back of the plate for a handle.

6. Hang it on your door or a prominent place in your house.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Book Review: 
Dewey:  There’s a Cat in the Library!  by Vicki Myron and Bret Witter
Published by Little, Brown and Company 2009

This was a great find because the story takes place in Iowa! (where I grew up) It’s also based on a true story. A kitten is left in the return box of a library in a small town in Iowa. The librarian takes it in, cares for it, and names it Dewey Readmore Books. Dewey is now a library cat. He entertains the patrons and all the children love him, a little too much. Soon Dewey decides how to act as a library cat, by helping people. The most touching moment comes when a sad little girl is reading by herself. Dewey tries his best to cheer her up and finally finds a way. She laughs and hugs him. Dewey likes this feeling!

Children will love this story with its soft colorful paintings. Dewey is such an adorable kitten and holds the attention of even my four-year-old. You can use this book before visiting the library or have your child think what would happen if a kitten interrupted his storytime at his library?

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