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One of my least favorite things about teaching kindergarten was tying shoes, especially when I was very pregnant. Your child’s kindergarten or first grade teacher will love you if you teach your child how to tie. If you have any old tennis shoes lying around, you can make this a five minute, daily activity for your child to practice this summer. Reward her/him if he can conquer this most-needed skill. Maybe your child can pick out a new pair of tennis shoes with shoestrings as a reward. Happy tying!


NASCAR ABC’S by Paul DuBois Jacobs and Jennifer Swender
Gibbs Smith, Publisher, 2007

My 3-yr-old son Isaac fell in love with this book from the library this summer. We’ve checked it out twice so far and read it each day. Besides Thomas the Train, Isaac is now into the Disney CAR’s movie with Lightning McQueen. So this racing ABC’s book is perfect. The author starts with “Readers, start your engines. Get ready to move. Rev up your NASCAR alphabet groove.” Each letter has a catchy rhyme to it on the racing theme. Isaac’s favorites are “E is for Engine” and “V is for victory.” The story ends with one of the race cars winning, and the whole alphabet is displayed. Isaac likes to sing the alphabet song at the end. The bright, colorful illustrations make this attractive for preschoolers, especially boys.

Activity for Preschoolers:  Laundry Sort

 If you’re the mother of a preschooler, you can try this activity to teach your child how to sort, which she’ll later use in math class. Dump the laundry into a big pile. Show her how to sort the laundry by making piles of dark-colored clothes, light-colored clothes and towels. This teaches her a great math concept, plus helps you with laundry!

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